System accessories

Electrically heated holding cover

The energy transformation in general and the current security of supply with gas also affects the foundry industry with all gas-heated systems. The electrically heated holding cover is particularly suitable for gas-heated galvanizing furnaces in order to maintain the operational safety of the systems in the event of a fault or failure of the gas supply. The resistance-heated cover is placed on the furnace to minimize or eliminate gas consumption during non-production periods. This heating then takes over the entire holding capacity of the system. The efficiency of the resistance heating elements is close to 100%. At these times, there is also no CO2 for this system.

In the schematic representation you can see the insulated cover that contains the heating elements. The number of heating elements can be adapted to the size of the furnace. In larger systems (= longer boilers), two cover parts can also be used. If there are already sufficiently insulated covers, these can be converted to accommodate the heating elements. This means that a corresponding set of heating elements with the associated control can also be used alternately for several furnaces.

An important component of this resistance heating is the control of the holding cover. Depending on the number of heating elements, the switching outlets are modular. All heating elements are monitored with an integrated thermocouple. In addition, the bath temperature is recorded with a thermocouple and then regulated accordingly.

If you are interested, simply contact us. Important parameters for a specific design are the furnace dimensions and the heat retention capacity outside of production.